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Nesher Christian Resources

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True believers in Christ have been regenerated by the Spirit of God, and had a new heart put within them which produces a fundamental change of life. They are granted faith and repentance, which are gifts of God, and can now respond to the gospel call to repent and believe (which they could not do before). As a result, they are saved from their sins (because they could never save themselves), and brought into newness of life, where, for the first time, they now find that they can just begin to do good works (i.e. works to the glory of God).

The average churchgoer does not understand any of this. It is a mystery to him. There is much that is good in the church, but a vast amount more that is ridiculous and plain wrong. The good can only be found in the Bible, everything else comes from the hands of foul men.

All of us will be dead soon (this world is so evanescent), so we need to commend the truth to our posterity in future generations. Here are a few mini-web sites which you may consider useful. Click on the logo of the site below to be redirected there.

Christian Living

Christian Pilgrim


Traditional Text Pamphlets


Westminster Standards

Infant Baptism

English Christians

William Perkins

Benjamin Ingham

Scottish Christians

John Kennedy

Thomas Halyburton

The James Begg Society

James Begg Society

Presbyterian Standard

Good Christian Books

Marguerite de Navarre

The Life and Times of Griffith Jones of Lladdowror

Death of Ivan Illyitch

Personal Testimony

Personal Testimony