John Kennedy of Dingwall

Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., of Dingwall

This website is dedicated to the works of Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., who was minister of the Free Church of Scotland in Dingwall (in the Scottish Highlands) from 1843 until his death in 1884.


The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire

by Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., of Dingwall



THE minister of Killcarnan was my father. I could not forget this while I was writing his memoir. In the only sense in  which he was my father, while he lived, I lost him when he died. But the memory of that loss I can bear to recal, as I cherish the hope, that his death was the means of uniting us in bonds that shall never be broken. Doubly knit to him, therefore, now that he is gone, I can by no means keep down the son in my heart, whe write or when I think of him. This accounts for the frequency with which "I" and "my" appear on the following pages. They came unconsciously from my pen, but, when my eye detected them, they seemed so offensive, that I was strongly induced to attempt their removal. But the effort, to hide the son in the writer, requiring the affectation of an indifference that was far from my feeling, both my heart and my conscience revolted against it. And, even if the change were permitted by these, my hand lacked the skill to make the change an improvement.